Medical Care

If a situation occurs where you require medical attention, free medical care is available in public Dominican Republic hospitals as well as across the border in Haiti. There are also private doctors and dentists, who charge about 15 USD$ per visit.

While free medical care is available in the Dominican Republic, it is also important that you have a travel insurance! In fact we urge our volunteers to take out a special travel insurance - just in case!


When traveling in Latin America there are certain considerations you should take regarding your health. You should visit a doctor prior to departure if you have any illness or ailments that may recur during your trip and inform your travel insurance provider of any relevant pre-existing conditions. It is also a good idea to have a dental check up before you depart.

We suggest you consult with your medical adviser about recommended vaccinations for this region.

Medical Interns and volunteers

For volunteers and interns working in our medical experience and observation program at the local hospital we suggest you check health requirements and vaccinations with your health advisor. Internationally there is a number of vaccinations recommended or required. Read on here:


Check with your insurance company before you leave to determine whether or not you are covered during international travel. If not, travel insurance should be purchased for the duration of your trip. Contact your insurance agent, or Council Travel if you are a student. We highly recommend you taking out at least a basic insurance covering yourself and your property.