We always welcome new project ideas, both for short or long-term initiatives!

Inquiry about additional opportunities
In addition to our ongoing activities, when there is a need and an interest, Aldeas de Paz also does short term projects.New opportunities may expand on existing programs or develop into completely new areas. Check the website for continuous updates, and feel free to contact us for additional information.


Bring your own suggestions

If you have your own idea for a program or a requirement for an internship, let us know. We are willing to look into any/all possibilities that would help us in our mission to enhance the community of Santa Barbara de Samaná. We can help you find contacts, resources and other interested volunteers. To make sure that proposals can be completed upon your arrival, we ask that you provide the following information

Availability ?

Any free time you have to donate is a welcome donation !

Have other ideas?

We welcome any feedback or suggestions you have for us to implement.

Past Projects

▪ Theatre project with local childrenl

▪ Modern dance workshop for children and adolescents

▪ Painting murals inside the local hospital

▪ Recycled paper workshop

▪ Community based litter collection

▪ Community based environmental awareness activities

▪ Yoga for children workshop

▪ Multi-Media project with students

▪ Using the national sport - Baseball - as a development programm for the youth


For proposals to be completed upon your arrival we need the following information

A written description of desired program

A list of materials you would need the foundation to provide

A description of the support this program would require from foundation