Volunteer Placement, Internship or Apprenticeship?

Interns, volunteers and apprentices are the driving force of Aldeas de Paz' work. All our programs can be booked as volunteer placement, internship or apprenticeship placement! You may for example, volunteer in a hospital or help in a denitist clinic as an apprentice without previous experience, but you can only be placed as an intern in the medical and dentist program if you have previous experiences or are studying medicine or dentist!

An Internship is essential for your career?

We will provide you with course credit and internship certification and are happy to communicate with academic Institutions and comply with their requirements and provide all materials and references necessary for interns to receive course credit for their work. Certificates are provided to all interns upon completion of their internships. Please let us know your school or universities internship requirements and we work out your personalized work plan. The structure of your internship depends greatly on your school requirements. We work in close contact with your school and make sure that requirements are met and certificates and references are issued. ....... more

You want to specialize or diversify and learn by doing?

Join our programs as an apprentice! A typical volunteer, intern or apprentice needs to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, ready for a challenge, has a desire to take initiative and dedicates a lot of caring and passion to the position. Friendliness, care, commitment and patience are among important qualities. We emphasize that we focus on excellence and not on quantity. The weekends are free and you are welcome to take time off during the week, just let us know sufficiently in advance! An ideal candidate is proactive, and has a results-focused attitude and is willing to engage in activities with our support, back-up & supervision but on his own in case no other volunteer signed up for that specific same activity during your placement period.

You decide how many hours you want to work

Every volunteer, intern and apprentice has the opportunity to be involved in as many or as few activities they would like. (except when stated otherwise) We encourage volunteers, interns and apprentices to form schedules which work for them. We recommend a minimum of 3 half-days a week. However, you may work as much as 5 days and as many hours you wish. We welcome interns and volunteers regardless of age, experience or background. You don't have to speak fluent Spanish (except when stated otherwise) We provide 6 free Spanish language lessons every week, full onsite support and 24 hour back-up from our local staff.



More about the University Credit Sistems

You wish to receive academic credit?
You first have to seek approval for course credit from your academic advisor or a professor in your department. Universities (and faculties or departments within a university) have different rules regarding independent study and transfer credit. Approval may also depend on your major and the number and type of credit hours you need to complete your degree requirements.

The requirements of each study abroad/internship will vary greatly from university to university, and department to department. Most students will be required to log their work, and the university will require contact with your host organization to verify that you are fulfilling your duties. Depending on your field of study, a more in-depth research paper might be necessary. Many volunteers use their studies a springboard to ask questions, interview locals, become more culturally aware. It can be beneficial to participate in an internship rather than a volunteer job if you want to earn college credit. We will do our best to help you to get your credits, we can sign forms, write letters verifying your participation in our projects, or talk to your school administrators ourselves.
If you have any questions about how Aldeas de Paz can help you to get credits:
Please mail us or contact us via