What To Bring

Everyone's packing list will differ depending on the programs they are involved in and the weekend outings they are planning. Products are not always easy to come by in Venezuela (in the Dominican Republic you find products much easier!), so it is advisable to be over-prepared. Different programs require different materials, but everyone should bring the essentials. You need to bring a variety of clothing!

The following is a basic guideline:


   • Bed sheet, bed linen, pillow case (Bed size: 100cm X 190cm) (not necessary for stay with host family)

   • Mosquito net with fine mesh (not necessary for stay with host family)

   • Towel(s)

   • Passport and laminated copy

   • Laptop and Pen Drive (obligatory for NGO Management Program & Multi Media Program)

   • Flashlight/headlamp comes in handy

   • Walking/ trekking shoes

   • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat

   • Spanish dictionary


   • Casual work clothes: t-shirts, jeans, knee-length shorts are mandatory.

   • Pants and light long-sleeve shirts may be more comfortable to help avoid bug bites.

   • Good walking boots and wet-weather gear are essential if you are thinking of doing any serious treks.

   • Thin scarf

   • Swimmsuit


   • Thin sleeping bag (needed for adventure tours or camping)

   • Small daypack

   • Money belt

   • Back-up glasses, contact lenses, and medication (if applicable)

   • Small gift for your host family (if you stay with a hostfamily only)

   • Guidebooks or novels

   • Mirror

   • Water purification tablets for hikes

   • Eco friendly washing powder and toiletries

   • Washing line

   • Clothes to give away for all ages

Always needed - always welcome (optional)

• outdoor games such as jump rope, frisbee, nerf football, soccer

• large group board games such as shoots and ladders, candy land, twister

• fishing line

• Spanish story books

• work sheets in Spanish (math, vocabulary)

• practice pals/practice power educational products with 'write on-wipe off' surface

• educational materials/books about geography, science, social science, ecology etc. (in Spanish)

• fuzzy po- poms

• sequins/ glitter/ googly eyes

• construction paper/ colored paper - card stock

• craft, origami and tissue paper

• beads and string for beading

• pipe cleaners

• markers for drawing and for dry-erase board

• colored sharpies (fine or thick point)

• felt or cloth

• finger paints

• glue, tape, glue sticks

• children's craft or coloring books (Spanish or English)

• index cards

• roll of magnets

• velcro

• bingo stampers

• sturdy children's scissors

• green chalkboards spray-paint

• pens/pencils/sharpeners/erasers

• rubber bands

• plastic gloves

• card games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno etc.)/simple puzzles/ big bingo game

• Spanish flash cards

• bubbles

• children's cds and dvds in Spanish

• small musical instruments

• treasure box prizes (toys under 2$)