How do we use your donation?

With your donation, you significantly contribute to the work of the Peace Villages Foundation International which collocates funds directly to Fundacion Aldeas de Paz programs and projects in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Volunteer donations are one of the two indispensable pillars for the implementation and continuation of the work of Aldeas de Paz. Volunteer work constitutes the second pillar! Until present and throughout the last 22 years the Peace Villages Foundation`s international operations have been co-financed by a rotational interest-free credit from its founder which is paid back gradually until debt settlement is achieved.

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check non-profit status: Exoneracion de Impuestos / Aldeas de Paz Constitution in the Dominican Republic 2016 / Aldeas de Paz Constitution in Venezuela 2001

Volunteer related spendings like recruitment, supervision and accommodation as well as language training and mentoring are the main spending making up for 60% of allocated donations to Aldeas de Paz. About 30% is spend on outreach, cultural exchange, educational programs and direct donation to Hospitals and Health Clinics. The remaining 10% goes into administration, legal costs and office overhead. Since Aldeas de Paz is a small grass-roots charity it does not finance infrastructure projects in the community or village, but rather focuses on outreach, community attention and the development of its own programs in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. The tables below explain how donations are spend while the percentages mentioned may vary depending on volunteer numbers at any given moment throughout the year and are based on recent past financial reports.

Volunteer & Intern Programs

approximately 60% of allocated donations goe back to the volunteer and intern in the form of volunteer-related work and services including but not limited to: Costs for accommodation, household materials, furniture and maintenance, costs for Host Family, costs for recruitment, coordination and supervision of volunteers, Spanish language lessons, volunteer media support and promotion, marketing, webpage maintenance and promotion, SEO, communication with volunteers before they arrive, answering phones, emails, providing information.

Social & Development Programs

approximately 30% of allocated donations cover cultural exchange, social development and educational programs including but not limited to costs and expenses for social & cultural exchange, outreach and community programs like youth development, language school, computer literacy classes, multimedia and direct donations to medical programs and health care institutions, local staff salaries, maintenance of our school facilities and for program-related activities, including didactic and educational materials.

Administration & Management

approximately 10% of allocated donations are spend on NGO administration and management including but not limited to accommodation and salary for resident staff, communication, transport, legal and accounting services, office supplies, bank fees and other liabilities.

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